Fantasy Cricket Games

Win Max Cash Prize Easily with Simple Fantasy Cricket Games

Are you stopping yourself from playing fantasy cricket games because you find their interface hard?

Many times, cricket lovers don’t play fantasy cricket because they find using the application a challenge. Even those with the best knowledge of the game aren’t able to earn anything because they simply cannot get familiar with the features available on the app.

The good news is that tons of apps have simplified their interface and now have the shortest learning curve.

Top Application Makers Have Started Caring for their Users

Top fantasy cricket apps have become much easier to play. They are more welcoming to the new users. Apps such as OneTo11 are ground-breaking in this regard.

You have to download the application using the .apk file. Once you have installed and registered, you will be presented with a list of matches that you can choose to be on.

You are provided vital information at every step, such as who is leading the league and your expected monthly income based on your current level.

New and Improved Wallet and Team Building Features

Your balance is maintained securely in a wallet, and you always get a clear bifurcation of updated information related to the deposited amount, winning amount, network commission, and bonus amount.

Building a team is the easiest thing in the world. You simply have to select the players using a limited number of points. Once you are done, and the match starts, you will be ready to earn big money.

Focus Exclusively on the Team

Due to the easy interface, you can easily create the team of your dreams every day. Moreover, you get access to all the relevant statistics, and there is no wastage of time in understanding the different functions available on the app.
You can combine the information available online with the information available on other trusted platforms and build a team with a higher chance of succeeding.

Change the Team on the Fly

If your players are not performing as per your expectations, you have the option to change your team on the fly. Due to easy options available, even first-time players can make the changes to their existing squad and create a team with the best chance to win the most points.


Many times, fantasy league players cannot play the game well because of the complexity of options available on the app. But with top apps like Dream 11 and OneTo11, team building becomes very easy, and you stand the best chance of winning top prizes.

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