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How Your Experience of Fantasy Cricket Helps You Win the Biggest Prizes?

When it comes to fantasy cricket tournaments, your experience matters a lot. If you have been losing in the past, you might think you are wasting time on the app. But that is not the case. When you play with concentration and dedication, just like in real cricket, you go on to win the biggest prizes in the end.

Learn to Analyse Your Wins and Losses

Suppose you have created an excellent team on paper that is filled with talented players like Adam Zampa and Colin Munro. But you lose out to a team that has lesser-known stars. In this scenario, don’t take the loss to your heart. Instead, try to identify the factors that have played a role in the bad performances of your star.

For example, Colin Munro has a known weakness against wrist spin. So, if there is a good leg spinner in the opposition team, you should avoid selecting him in the next fantasy team. Similarly, Adam Zampa might not grip the ball properly if the ball is wet due to a soggy outfield. In this scenario, it is better to pick a pacer than a leg spinner.

Every time you don’t win good points, try to find the reason. And, next time, learn from your mistakes and bet in a much better way.

Experience Helps you Feel More Confidence in Taking Risks

In the beginning, you will not be comfortable picking in lesser-known players like George Garton from England or Jake Richard Doran from Australia (these players are playing in the 2021 BBL, but you might not be aware of them). These players come at a small price as they are not expected to be consistent. But if you find that the conditions are favourable to swing bowling, you can choose a cost-effective player like George Garton and win big points. These types of risks can be only be taken when you gain experience and develop a good understanding of the game.

Experience Brings Familiarity with the Fantasy Games and Their Rules

Many rules govern a game of fantasy cricket played online. But as a new player, it is very head to learn those rules and use them to your advantage. When you play for long, you ultimately learn all the rules, which help you bet in a much better way.


Initially, you might not win matches while playing fantasy cricket online. But over a period of time, you will get a firm grasp of how to play, which will help you win the biggest price money by investing the smallest of efforts.

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