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How do I Make a Good Team in Fantasy Cricket?

It may sound unbelievable, but you can win millions on OneTo11 if you play fantasy cricket with the right game plan. As fantasy cricket is about combining the best players, selecting them is the basis of your win. The team will only outshine when each player in your virtual team has the knack for outstanding performance.  

Team Selection in a Nutshell

  • Players fall into groups of batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keepers, and all-rounders. 
  • Each player gets points for their performance during the match.  
  • Points of every player on the team are added together after the match to conclude the team’s performance.
  • The team with the highest points wins.

Rules for Team Selection at OneTo11 

A fantasy team is to follow a set of rules. Each fantasy platform has different norms. OneTo11 observes the below-given rules.

  • The team has 11 players.
  • They have to be selected within100 credit points. 
  • There can be 1 to 3 wicket-keepers. 
  • There can be 1 to 3 all-rounders. 
  • There can be 3 to 6 batsmen.
  • There can be 3 to 6 bowlers.
  • 4 to 7 players can be taken from each side. 

Tips for Picking Good Players

A good team is the essence of fantasy cricket. It involves meticulous and comprehensive analysis. Follow the given metrics before you profess for a player. 

  • Take a player that scored high in the previous matches of the same tournament. 
  • Consider a player whose average points for every match they have played in are high. 
  • Take heed to choose players who have been in the top-scoring team in the previous matches of the same tournament.

Captain and Vice-Captain Selection Trick

They are the highest-scoring players on the team. The captain gets 2 times the points and the vice-captain 1.5 times the points for their play.  

  • Hence, they should have a high-performance average in the previous matches. 
  • Choosing an all-rounder for the role can go in your favor in a big way. 
  • Also, consider the all-rounder that can perform best in the playing conditions and the pitch report released for the match.

Apply your Skills

You cannot get only top players in 100 credit points. You will be bound to make choices. Let your intuition and analysis come into play here.  

First, pick those you cannot afford to let go of. Then, depending on the credit limit left, choose the underdogs. They are the ones who have the ability but haven’t performed appropriately until now. They just might do so in your team and win the match for you.

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