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Earn Real Money by fantasy Cricket Online

You can play cricket online now. And also earn real money from it.  All you need are skills, intuition, and information about the sport.  

If you think that online cricket involves playing it by becoming one of the 11 players, you are wrong. Rather you play it by creating a team. And then you bet on the performance of your team.  Earning money online has never been easier. 

How Can You Earn By Playing Fantasy Cricket Online? 

You cannot play cricket online unless you have a fantasy sports app on your mobile. So the first step is to download one. There are currently many fantasy cricket apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store.  You can find one from there or play on Oneto11.  It is the best app presently for fantasy cricket.

Next, register on the fantasy app you have installed. Either verify your mobile number or register with your Google or Facebook profile.  

Create your profile now. Also, note that you will have to link it to an online mode of payment. This is the way fantasy apps work. Online payments include UPIs or bank accounts. However, be careful about sharing your details. An app that professes online cricket doesn’t always qualify for being genuine. 

But Oneto11 is a secure app. It is also legitimate. So you can go ahead and play online cricket on it without fear.  

Lastly, choose a paid contest, and begin earning real money

What Are The Preconditions of Creating A Team To Play Fantasy Cricket Online? 

You cannot play fantasy cricket unless you create a team. The stronger your team, the higher you earn money online.  

Also, you can only play fantasy cricket parallel to a real cricket tournament. It can be an IPL league, a T20 contest, or any one-day or world cup tournament.    

Some basic requirements to create a powerful team are:

  • You join a contest of fantasy cricket as a team owner. However, you have to pay a small entry fee to the fantasy platforms to do so.   
  • Next, you create a team like in cricket. Your team has to have 11 players.  The ones you select in your team are those you think will perform well in the real match. 
  • Unlike real cricket, your players have to be a combination of players from both teams. Though the ratio you can take them in depends on a predefined ratio. Usually, it is 7:4 or 6:5. 
  • Now that you have paid the entry fees and also created your team. Watch your players perform in the real game.  And get points for that.  
  • The fantasy cricket apps total your points at the end of the real cricket game.  You get prize money accordingly.

Earning real money online is quite simple with fantasy cricket. And with an authentic and high rewarding app like Oneto11, this journey can become all the more interesting.  You can download Oneto11 right now and begin to earn money online from today. As there are many other games on its platform that are equally lucrative.

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