Earn Real Cash Daily By Playing Fantasy Cricket

Earn Real Cash Daily By Playing Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is not only a game anymore. It has become as popular as cricket currently.

We know how much people in India love cricket. Indeed, they are crazy about it. And hence anything that connects them to its excitement is acceptable to them. 

Now, fantasy cricket is a prime example of this. It has helped people take their fanaticism for cricket to the next level.   

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket Tips App

Fantasy cricket is an online game that tests your predicting skills for the real one. It requires planning and strategizing additionally as well. 

Here, you join a cricket contest as an owner of a virtual team. But your team has 11 real cricketers. However, you cannot enter just any cricket contest. It has to be from a tournament that is ongoing in the real world.

The cricket tournaments usually include IPL, T20, World Cup, One Day, or domestic leagues.  

How to Join Fantasy Cricket Contest?

You cannot play fantasy cricket unless you have a fantasy sports app on your mobile. Since apps are usually free to download, you will easily find them on the app store.  

  • Install the one you prefer.  
  • Register henceforth by verifying your mobile number.
  • Then, complete your details on the app and proceed.
  • Now that you have become legible to play, join a contest. 
  • Create a team and pay the contest fee. 
  • Lastly, follow your rank on the leaderboard closely to know your rank in the contest.

How to Play Fantasy Cricket Contest?

Complete your registration process. Move on to the match you want to play. Choose the one that fits your budget. 

Now comes choosing your 11 players within the 100 credit points you have. But make sure you do so wisely. The wicketkeepers, batsmen, bowlers, or all-rounders you keep in your team should be per the app’s norms. 

Assign a captain and vice-captain to your team, henceforth.  And now that you are all set, pay the contest fee and wait to win.  

Tips for Playing Fantasy Cricket 

Fantasy cricket is a skill-based game and you cannot rely only on luck to win. You have to use your analytical skills and predicting outcomes ability here. 

Gather information about every player’s past performances. And, do not forget to consider the weather and the pitch reports as well.

The Best Fantasy Cricket App 

While many apps appear lucrative, Oneto11 is the best app to play fantasy cricket with. Besides remunerative wins, they also extend several other benefits to their users. 

  • Referral Income up to 11 referrals
  • Network commission percentage for every friend you add 
  • Gift vouchers
  • Minimal amount withdrawals
  • Easy process
  • Lastly, return of unused credit

Hope to see you playing the next fantasy cricket contest on Oneto11!

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