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Best Android Games for Earning Money in 2022

India has recently become one of the top gaming markets in the world. And hence there is no shortage of the best Android games in the present times. Whether it is quizzes, puzzles, fantasy sports, or arcades, there is something for every game lover. 

But, while there are a plentiful of options available, not all are worthy of your time. Some are utter trash, while some are only for cash grabs. Moreover, they occupy a lot of mobile space too. 

Hence, downloading the best Android games requires caution. 

The genre of Best Android Games

People usually look for games for two reasons. Either to get a good gaming experience or to earn an extra income! Well, some best Android games satisfy both of these urges. And the various genres they are available in are:

• Strategy 

• Simulation 

• Action 

• Racing 

• Casual or

• Arcade Games

Best Android Games in India 

While Candy Crush Saga, Call of Duty, Garena Free Fire, Clash of Clans, Battlegrounds Mobile, and Subway Surfers, are some of the best android games in India presently, here we will explore the ones that help you earn money.  

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports are online skill-based games. For instance, you participate in virtual contests of cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, and hockey here. And as a result, you win huge cash. Moreover, you can also get regular referral income from them too.

Apps to play: Oneto11, MPL, My11circle, etc.

Win Transfer: Bank account, Paytm wallet


Who doesn’t know about the ludo game oldest board game of India? Well, it’s online now and giving good winnings as well. As a result, we all know how to play to win this.  

Apps to play: Oneto11, Ludo King, etc.

Win Transfer: Bank account, Paytm wallet

Knife Hit

Now, this one is a gripping game. Here, you have to hit the knife on a target. Moreover, the target is a board that keeps rotating. Missing more than three times makes you lose!

Apps to play: Oneto11, etc.

Win Transfer: Bank account, Paytm wallet

Fruit Slice

As the name signifies, here you have to cut fruits in slices. They appear in groups on your screen, all of a sudden. But your game ends if you miss cutting a fruit three times consecutively. 

Apps to play: Oneto11, etc.

Win Transfer: Bank account, Paytm wallet


Rummy is a game of cards. Here, you make groups of sequences from a set of 13 cards.  And the first one to do so wins the game.

Apps to play: Rummy Circle, Jungle Rummy, Paytm First Games, etc.

Win Transfer: Bank account, Paytm wallet


Cards may be about luck, but poker is a game of skills as well. Here, you read the mind of your competitors and outplay them to win. So, this game is for you if you love cards. 

Apps to play: Spartan Poker, PokerBaazi, 888, Khelo365, etc.

Win Transfer: Bank account, Paytm wallet

Live Quiz

Here, you win cash for answering questions. But they have to be correct. Moreover, the ratio of correct answers has to be high enough to rank you among the top winners. 

Apps to play: Loco 

Win Transfer: Paytm Wallet 

Let’s sum it up by taking a quick look at the statistics of Android Games in India in 2022 sourced by

  • 4% of the global games on Google Play are by India
  • Indian games on Google play get a ranking of 3.96 out of 5. 
  • Indian mobile games on Google Play have an average of 521.74k downloads. 
  • 15% of games in India are available on both Android and iOS.

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